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icom LTE radio

Instant Wide Area Coverage Over LTE

Communicate far and wide with LTE-CONNECT, Icom’s LTE radio solution. Using LTE (4G) and 3G networks allows for instantaneous push-to-talk communications throughout North America. The IP501’s are LTE radios, which provide telephone style conversations, packed with conventional two-way radio features. Multiple users can communicate at the same time with features like Individual, Group and All calls. These license-free radios do not require their own repeater or IP network. LTE-CONNECT operates on an Icom controlled, private and secure network. These new LTE radio solutions are perfect for safety and security teams in need of simple, yet wide-area communication solutions.


• Communication throughout the Coverage of LTE (4G) and 3G Network
• Multiple User Communication
• Industry Leading Compact and Lightweight Body
• High quality, clear audio using G.726 Vocoder
• Priority Interrupt Calling
• IP67 Dust -Tight and Waterproof
• GPS Location Services
• Individual, Group, Talkgroup, Multiplex Talkgroup and All calls
• Emergency button, Lone Worker and Man Down functions


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Advanced Video Surveillance Capabilities to Protect Your Business

We provide sales + rentals of HD surveillance camera solutions designed for remote and rural locations. HD cameras deliver clear recognition of people and the property you are trying to protect. With remote web management and viewing you can access real-time and recorded video clips to help make decisions about security anytime, anywhere. Using the Internet, you can view remotely from any browser, tablet or smart phone.

Cameras & Digital Video Recorders 101

Bullet Camera

Bullet cameras are shaped like cylinders, and get their name from the fact that they resemble bullet cartridges. Bullet cameras are often used outdoors and come with weatherproof housings. Most bullet cameras have a fixed 4mm lens. A 4mm camera lens lets you to see facial features out to approximately 35 feet. A 4mm lens allows provides about a 70° viewing angle, which is the widest angle you can have without suffering picture distortion.

Dome Camera

Dome cameras get their name from the plastic dome housing that the camera is enclosed in. They are most often seen in retail businesses and office buildings. Often the dome is dark tinted making it hard to see where the camera is pointing. Dome security cameras are very tough and some models come with high-impact polycarbonate housings that will withstand heavy blows, making them ideal for locations with high-potential vandalism.

Thermal Body Temperature Camera

Thermal body camera capable of high accurate body temperature measurements ±0.3℃
Built-in Artificial Intelligence algorithm for fast pass no-contact multi-person scanning from up to 3m distance.

Hidden / Covert Camera

Hidden cameras, also called spy cameras or covert cameras, are designed to be very small and either hidden from view, concealed in everyday objects, or disguised. Most hidden camera are pinhole cameras, which feature a small lens that can see through a tiny pinhole opening, such as behind a wall.

Pan-Tilt_Zoom Camera

Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) security cameras feature a motorized mount that allows the camera to be moved remotely up-down and side-by-side. In addition, the camera has a motorized zoom lens that can be moved in or out.

Long Range Camera

Long range cameras allow you to view and record ultra clear videos long distances away from the point at which they are mounted. To monitor a long driveway, parking lot or recreation area, a long-range wireless camera is a good solution. Cameras support a wide range of automated scanning techniques including, frame, random, patrol, pattern, panorama and tilt scanning.

Digital Video Recorder

Digital video recorders (DVRs) provides live camera images or previously-recorded video images to be viewed on your computer or over the Internet. Digital video recorder can be setup to record only images when motion is detected on the camera field of view. Digital video recorders for video surveillance are available with 4, 6, 8, 10 and 16 video camera inputs.
Other features of a digital video recorder surveillance system include motion sensing, selectable alarm triggers and pan-tilt-zoom camera support. All video, audio, alarm and control signals are sent over the Internet.

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Our network-enabled recorders are available in configurations from 4 to 256 cameras and can record months of video at a time.

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Our field services team is ready to install your new cameras, call us to book your installation.

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