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Satellite TV for your RV – simple as pressing a button!

Satellite TV – The Eagle

With the single push of a button, the Eagle 1 HD Satellite TV antenna will align itself on either Shaw or Bell HD satellites. Its robust design allows for pinpoint accuracy and stability, even in harsh environments. The antenna is lightweight at only 39 lbs and stows to a low 8.5”.

Equipment Included:  .70cm Elliptical Satellite Dish, Satellite Controller

Coverage:  Most areas of Canada, continental United States and some parts of Mexico

Download PDF Brochure

$ 2,499 + GST
(Installation $500)

We are an authorized Shaw Direct dealer and can provide you with HD receivers, PVRs and Shaw Direct Programming. Hundreds of HD channels, Live on-demand sports and movies available at any location. No long-term contracts required.