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The Portable Broadband Kit (PBK) is a unique product, designed for quick on-the-go deployments providing essential connectivity services with an inclusive integrated hardware package and centralized management. PBK gives the user Immediate access to broadband connectivity services including high-speed Internet, VoIP and WiFi – excellent for industries like Oil & Gas, Mining, Emergency Services, and Construction.

An integrated hardware package, PBK provides all essential network services including a 4G/LTE cellular data modem with Advanced Carrier Aggregation capabilities, 802.11b/g/n secure WiFi service,  built-in signal amplifier, cloud-management, a compact travel-ready carry-on case and optional Outdoor Directional Antenna system for increased coverage and performance

Powered by a 14.8V, 64Ah battery pack for operation off grid and an AC/DC power inverter for you to run even more devices. Designed for connectivity in remote and rugged locations, the PBK is housed in an easy to carry mil-spec pelican case, and can provide an LTE-WiFi HotSpot for over 20 hours before needing a recharge.

The PBK is designed to work world-wide on any LTE provider, however, there are two LTE regions. North America and Europe. With the LTE coverage available from carriers today, The PBK should cover about 95% of your site communication solutions.

The portable case houses all the hardware and simply plugs into standard AC power outlet or DC power sources. The PBK and its components are airline-approved, and sized appropriately to be able to be carried-onto aircraft. The external antennas allow for signal  penetration into the entire site. Optional high-gain exterior antennas are available when additional LTE or Wi-Fi signal strength is required.

LTE Advanced Carrier Aggregation (LTE AC)

Utilizes the latest in LTE technology to increase user performance with speeds of upto 600 Mbps. LTE AC combines a number of separate LTE carriers in the same or different band increasing both the available bandwidth and bitrate providing the user the best possible experience.

Network Services

LTE will be the primary network deployed as most sites should situated near LTE services. If the site also deploys other P2P microwave, satellite, or other connectivity. These connections can be easily integrated as redundant or primary links.


• LTE Advanced Carrier Aggregation Technology (600 Mbps)
• Intelligent 15db 5 Band Cellular Amplier
• 802.11 Wireless Network
• Global LTE Coverage
• Lithium-ion Internal Battery Pack System
• Local Networking + Firewall Services
• GPS Location + Cloud Services
• Compact Portable Carry-on Travel Case
• External LAN Ports
• AC, 12V DC and Solar Charging Options

Add Ons

• Additional Access Points
• DC Car Charger
• Boulder 100 Solar Panel
• Nomad 100 Solar Panel
• North American or Euro LTE Amplifier
• Phone handsets

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Self-Align HDTV Satellite TV

Satellite TV for RV or Mobile Office, Deploy and Align at the Press of a Button!

Auto-aiming Satellite TV Antenna

With the single push of a button, the Eagle 1 HD Satellite TV antenna will align itself on either Shaw or Bell HD satellites. Its robust design allows for pinpoint accuracy and stability, even in harsh environments. The antenna is lightweight at only 39 lbs and stows to a low 8.5”.

Equipment Included:  70cm Elliptical Satellite Dish, Satellite Controller

Coverage:  Most areas of Canada, continental United States and some parts of Mexico

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$ 2,799 + GST
(Installation $750)

We are an authorized Shaw Direct dealer and can provide you with HD receivers, PVRs and Shaw Direct Programming. Hundreds of HD channels, Live on-demand sports and movies available at any location. No long-term contracts required.

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We are a dedicated team of professionals with a combined experience of more than 25 years in VSAT satellite and Fixed Point-to-Point wireless services. Our team has worked extensively with many popular brands including HughesNet, Xplornet, ViaSat, iDirect, Telesat, Iridium, Globalstar, Shaw, Bell, Cambium, Motorola, Vertex, RCA, Cisco, Mikrotik, and many more. We can provide you with turn-key professional installation services to ensure your network and systems are configured and installed correctly.

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