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IT Services:

We offer a full range of IT services and support to keep you up and running 24 x 7. We’ll diagnose your problem, develop a quick solution or workaround, and get your business up and running again quickly!

  • Remote and On-Premise Support
  • Firewall, IDS, Router Configuration and Management
  • LAN / WAN / WiFi Networking and Configuration
  • Server Administration
  • Salesforce Implementation + Administration
  • Office 365 Management + Support
  • VPN and Secure Remote Access Configuration
  • Structured Cabling Services
  • Hardware Repairs & Upgrades

Fixed Rate or Hourly Consulting Services  – We offer both fixed cost certainty or flexibility by the hour for our services. We can generally resolve most issues remotely with our secure remote support tools regardless of your physical location.

Fully Managed Service  – Designed to meet the demands of customers who have little or no in-house IT resource. We provide reliable 24/7 support for all your hardware and software for a fixed monthly rate.

Cybersecurity Services:

Cybersecurity is about protecting your information and is based on three fundamental goals:

  • Confidentiality, any important information you have — such as employee, client or financial records — should be kept confidential. This information should only be accessed by people (or systems) that you have given permission to do so.
  • Integrity, you need to make sure to maintain the integrity of this information and other assets (such as software) in order to keep everything complete, intact and uncorrupted.
  • Availability, you should maintain the availability of systems (such as networks), services and information when required by the business or its clients.

How Stellar Solutions can help you protect your information assets:

Vulnerability Assessments

  • When was the last time your organization tested its infrastructure for security issues such as insecure configuration, unpatched or outdated software, weak or default passwords or running services with elevated privileges? All of these questions can be answered by performing a Vulnerability Assessment.

Penetration Testing

  • Penetration test services will perform real world attacks and test your defenses to the limit. During the penetration test we look to actively exploit any vulnerabilities discovered in order to show the potential consequences of such an attack.

Application Security Testing

  • Application security testing services combine multiple tools, custom scans and in-depth manual checks for an accurate security assessment of any cloud, mobile or desktop application.

Malware Removal and Antivirus Software

  • Has your business come face to face with malware or malicious attempts of data extraction? Unsure whether your current antivirus software can even detect all the threats trying to intercept your data? Stellar Solutions has helped numerous customers by ensuring even the latest malware is detected and removed, protecting your business from these malicious threats.