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Helios cloud-enabled devices are custom designed and built to fit your application precisely. Thousands of available sensors means that we can help you monitor or automate virtually anything. Featuring the latest technologies for connectivity and security, Helios protects all your data and metrics. Speak with us Today about your project and how we can develop a Helios solution specifically for you.

  • Custom integration for any application
  • Extremely Small Footprints
  • Integrated 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • Integrated dual mode Bluetooth (classic and BLE)
  • Additional connectivity options available such as LTE, LoRaWAN

Arduino Mega 2560 54 Digital I/O + 16 Analog Pins

Arduino MKR 1500 LTE Radio

Arduino MKR1400 + GSM Radio

Arduino MKR 1000 WiFi Enabled

Espressif ESP32 LiPo + WiFi Enabled

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Stellar Solutions Helios is a complete end-to-end Internet Of Things and Machine-to-Machine data collection and analysis platform. Designed to be extremely light-weight, but still enterprise-grade and scalable, Helios is a leading Cloud-based IOT solution.

Why Helios?

End-To-End Functionality

Comprehensive IoT solutions include devices, local data collection and analysis, and cloud services to store and analyze device data. Helios has services, from the edge to the cloud, so you can create IoT applications to meet your requirements. At the edge, Helios IoT devices are specifically designed for your application.

Multi-Layered Security

IoT applications require both preventative measures and active monitoring and response to keep data and devices secure. Helios IoT services offer options for all layers of security. Helios IoT includes preventative security mechanisms, such as device identity and authentication, encryption, and access control to device data.

Proven at Scale

Helios IoT is built on a scalable, secure, and proven cloud infrastructure. As a result, Helios IoT scales to large volumes of data coming from millions of different devices and billions of messages.
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Lightning Detector

Environmental Monitoring

Septic Pump Monitoring

Bottled Water Filler Performance Monitoring

Shrink Tunnel Oven Temperature Monitoring